EMMD 2022 as pilot for linking with Eventure

9 min read. / Published at: 23-11-2023

For the second time, the organisation of the European Meeting on Molecular Diagnostics (EMMD) partnered with Networkapp. The event was scheduled from 12 October to 14 October 2022. This year with a new element: the link with the abstract-handling tool Eventure. We had not linked with this tool before, so for us this was a great pilot to set up the link with Eventure.

We were curious about their experiences and asked them about it.

What they were looking for

EMMD organises an event every 2 years dedicated to all aspects of molecular diagnostics in human diseases and pathology. The aim is to share new techniques, inventions in molecular diagnostics and clinical microbiology with people from the field. The presentations consisted of guest lectures combined with selected abstract presentations. Poster sessions and industrial exhibitions formed an integrated part of the meeting.

The wishes from the organisation:

  • The programma of the meeting should be shown in the app with corresponding abstracts and CVs of speakers
  • All signage in the app
  • Automatic link with the abstract-handling system Eventure
  • Space for sponsors’ logos and signposting to their stands
  • Informing participants via push messages before, during and after the event

How we approached it

After consultation between Kristel from the organiser Wens Travel and our project managers, the wishes and requirements were clear and we could get started. The organisation used Eventure as an abstract-handling tool that had to be linked to Networkapp. All approved abstracts had to be forwarded to the right session and (co-)authors. This way, the organisation did not have to manually post the abstracts anymore.

It was also agreed that one of our project managers would provide training to Kristel, after which she would set up the app herself.

Because this was a first link with Eventure, there was still some work to do to set it up correctly. We ran into a problem because certain data could not be transferred from Eventure. After adjustments from both Eventure and Networkapp, we managed to set up a working link!

In addition, the sponsors, the programme, push messages and additional profile questions still needed to be added in the app.

What they thought of it

Kristel enjoyed working with us and says that the system is easy when you make it your own. She decided to make it on her own it would be easier to change things in the future by herself. Kristel also told us that it is nice to easily get help from Networkapp when needed.

“It was a pleasant and clear cooperation. They contributed to our ideas with support and advice which was very well received!”

About the Eventure linking she had the following to say: “In itself, this link is fine in terms of participants and script, but still things don’t go smoothly when there are online adjustments at Eventure. As a result, data already entered was lost. Afterwards you cannot download an update from Eventure in the app, because then you lose your information.”

This honest feedback from Kristel was very welcome! A pilot is a situation where there is room for mistakes that eventually lead to improvements. Eventure is working hard to link up with our app so the problems that Kristel experienced will soon be a thing of the past. Now that the link is in place, we already have several projects planned in which Eventure will be linked to Networkapp again.

Networkapp for your event

We enjoy working on projects where knowledge transfer and development are central, like the EMMD event above. We have a lot of experience within the healthcare sector, know what the objectives are and how to perfectly match the app to them.

Want to know what we can do for you? Take a look at how to use the Networkapp for scientific conferences or just get in touch to discuss the possibilities!

""It was a pleasant and clear cooperation. They contributed to our ideas with support and advice which was very well received!”"

Kristel, Wens Travel