A valuable addition to the ONE Conference

Modified at: 19-10-2023

The ONE Conference in The Hague is Europe’s exclusive cyber security event and is organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Justice and the Municipality of The Hague. With Networkapp we made sure that all knowledge, speakers, research results and best practices were conveniently presented in one app. Something that Jonathan Gagne, founder and president of F8th Inc. from Canada, and participant of the ONE Conference, was very pleased with.

At the ONE Conference, renowned experts from corporate, scientific and government sectors speak on a wide range of relevant topics. These topics range from current developments in cybersecurity to policy issues and economic opportunities in the cyber domain. “I had the pleasure of using Networkapp during the conference and it was a fantastic experience. The app’s interface was very intuitive and the clean design is well thought out. Navigating through the various features and tools was a breeze,” Jonathan explains.

Ease of use

For us at Networkapp, it’s important that our app is accessible to everyone, and we appreciate it when users feel the same way. “One of the standout aspects of the app was the user experience. From the moment I logged in, I found it incredibly easy to use, both as a user and from an administrator’s perspective. It really enhanced my conference experience. I easily connected with other attendees, requested important information and participated in interactive sessions. This made networking and staying on top of all the updates very easy.”

“It really enhanced my conference experience”

“So I can definitely say that the app was a valuable addition to the conference. The ease of use, intuitive design and great user experience contributed to the success of the event. I would definitely recommend it for future conferences and similar events,” Jonathan concludes.

Networkapp for your event

Whether you are organizing an event for a clearly defined target group or expecting visitors from all over the world, Networkapp is more than happy to think along with you. We don’t like to think in terms of restrictions, but rather in terms of possibilities. And of course we make sure your privacy is guaranteed. Interested? Contact us and we will gladly discuss your wishes with you!