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Femke Francissen - Published at: 22-05-2024
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The events industry is constantly evolving. Organisers are increasingly challenged to innovate and offer the best service to their customers. For this reason, we have joined forces with Eventure, the specialist in abstract handling for scientific and medical conferences. This combination creates a collaboration that benefits all involved. Organisers benefit from a more efficient workflow and higher ROI, while participants experience an unforgettable event experience.

Eventure is an easy-to-use and flexible conference registration software that is part of Parthen Meeting Services. With more than 25 years of experience in the event industry, Parthen is a renowned provider of services and materials for conferences and events. Owner Jaap Bakker started writing software for the (inter)national conference market in 1988.

From developer to user

When he suddenly had to help organise conferences for TU Delft, he actually started using his own software. “Then you look at it from a different perspective, namely the user. As a developer, that is very valuable because then you know what organisers need. While organising, I also noticed right away that I wanted to carry out further developments in certain areas.”

The power of user insights

All the information Jaap gained during that period was super valuable for the further development of his organisation and the collaborations that followed. “As Jaap points out, it is essential to put the needs of organisers and participants at the centre. That same vision forms the basis of our collaboration. We share the ambition to take events to the next level, through innovative technology and a customer-centric approach,” said Elma Bassa.

A golden touch

The cooperation is therefore a golden opportunity for both parties. Networkapp expands its offering with powerful functionality for scientific and medical events, while Eventure can offer its customers a user-friendly app. Jaap: “We are convinced that this cooperation will offer organisers and visitors an optimal event experience.”

Strengthening each other

Two heads are better than one, something Jaap is only too happy to support. “Working together is a stronger combination than having everything at one party. There are parties that have everything, but then there are some weaker parts here and there that everyone complains about. I don’t want to do that to our customers. I would rather have fewer customers who are very satisfied than a lot of customers who are very dissatisfied. What matters is that together we make sure there are valuable conferences.”

Building meaningful connections

A shared commitment to innovation and personal growth ensures that we stay at the forefront of the dynamic world of networking and events. “Together we ensure that the right people come together. In addition, Networkapp and Eventure both continue to develop, making organising events easier and better every day,” Jaap concludes.

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