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Femke Francissen - Published at: 22-05-2024
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Organisers of the annual Beauty Trade event faced the challenge of promoting networking among attendees while streamlining ticket sales and registration more efficiently. The event, with more than 10,000 visitors, attracted professionals from various sectors within the beauty industry. Together with Eventgoose, we joined forces to provide an innovative solution that seamlessly integrated with the organisers’ existing workflows. The result? Read on.

Beauty Trade was already working fine with Eventgoose for smooth registration but was also looking for a solution to clearly display the programme and all the suppliers at the fair and connect the target audience. Communications agency Spiceminds then immediately thought of Networkapp because of its good experiences at previous events. “And what turned out, during the exploratory talks it emerged that the core values of both organisations are a good match. Both believe in the power of cooperation and like to bring out the personal in an event.”

Two know more than one

A collaboration we were therefore unquestionably open to. After all, when it comes to Elma, there is no five-legged sheep. “We are convinced that you can achieve more together than alone. By working together with Eventgoose, we can offer all events a more complete and efficient solution. It is much nicer to work with partners who excel in their own field, than to try to do everything ourselves. So for that, we like to seek out the right connections.”

Simple but sophisticated

And Networkapp and Eventgoose have found that connection all too well. With their shared view of event technology, they complement each other nicely. “In the complex world of event organisation, there is an increasing need for simple but sophisticated solutions. Organisers are looking for tools that are user-friendly but at the same time offer the power and flexibility to take their events to the next level,” says Gijs.

Elma adds: “Simple workflows and intuitive interfaces save organisers valuable time that they would otherwise spend on complex configurations and management. The power of data analytics and personalised interaction helps organisers increase visitor engagement and optimise their events.”

Control and overview

Event organisers know it: control and overview are crucial. There are countless details that need to be perfectly coordinated, from registration and ticket sales to catering and security. The pressure is high, and everything has to run smoothly. Something Networkapp and Eventgoose are therefore happy to support. “We understand this responsibility. That’s why both platforms are designed to give organisers the control they need, without overwhelming them with complex technology. And when they can’t figure it out themselves, we are there to support them,” says Gijs.

Easily connectable

Networkapp’s event technology has the flexibility and resilience to respond to its customers’ sometimes complex requests in a personalised and fast way, together with its partners. “Whether it’s a one-day event or a large-scale conference in multiple languages, Networkapp embraces the unique identity of each event. We tailor our features to your specific needs and create a seamless, personalised experience for all involved. This allows us to personalise even events with multiple locations or more than 10,000 visitors. And in this, we like to seek cooperation with partners who share our vision and can add value to the event from their own expertise.”

Wondering how Networkapp can take your event to the next level with seamless links, integrations and collaborations? Get in touch today and discover the power of shared vision and combined strength!

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