Press release: Networkapp brings event conversation back to life with the Corridor & Virtual Meeting Lounge

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Margriet de Groot - Published at: 20-05-2020
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Networkapp has developed two new features: The Corridor, to rekindle the corridor conversation, and Virtual Meeting Lounge, where people can talk to each other in a relaxed, homely setting. “We are being put to the test and miss to be able to meet each other in person” says Margriet de Groot co-founder of Networkapp. We have been so spoiled at a well-organised event. A nice entrance, friendly hosts, a pleasant arrival with coffee and some sweets. Catching up with old acquaintances and getting to know other guests. “How can we use our technology to ensure that this human need for contact comes into its own within the 1.5-metre society to which we have to adhere for the time being?” De Groot wondered. And how do you realise a major impact for small events?

Corridor Conversation


You might recognise this. You’re sitting at home behind your laptop: What time was the event again? Just finishing an email, the phone rings, a reminder that the webinar starts in 10 minutes. And then you’re in a “room” with the presenter in front of a screen and anonymous listeners. No meeting, no connection with the group. Because of the use of the Corridor, this valuable meeting can now be digital. Even if it is not possible to physically bring the whole group together, we can place your guests in the Virtual Corridor before the start of a presentation or webinar so that they can get acquainted. No more anonymous waiting in front of a screen, but a chat in the corridors.

Virtual Meeting Lounge

And then all those appointments we now have on screens with each other. Stacked up in a screen, everyone tells their own story. “We miss the atmosphere that often determines the outcome of a conversation. With the virtual Meeting Lounge we can approach that very well,” explains de Groot enthusiastically. Small round-table discussions in a homely setting for intervision, preparation, discussion or participation rounds. In this group discussion, everyone simply takes a seat at the table; without having to download additional software, easily at the push of a button.

Small Event, Big Impact

Meeting live is gradullay being allowed again for small groups. Networkapp easily grows with you to meet the need for group feeling and interaction as much as possible. As an event manager you can bring people together in one environment around a shared interest or assignment, even if they are not physically at the same location. With Networkap you can host and combine events in multiple locations at the same time, including online spectators. This multiplier turns your small meeting into a high-impact event.

About Networkapp

Netwerkapp developers strongly believe in the combination of online contact and real encounters at meetings. Live contact remains necessary for a fruitful collaboration. Technology is a valuable addition to get in touch with the right people faster and more focused. Connecting as much knowledge as possible, to help people on their way to countless beautiful innovations and collaborations: that’s the goal!

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