Networkapp has achieved ISO 27001 certification

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Elma Bassa - Published at: 08-12-2022
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The Dutch event and community platform Networkapp has achieved ISO 27001 certification. This means the company meets the international standard for information security. Benefits for anyone who uses the website and app include being in control of their own data. 

The customer decides

Since it was founded in 2012, Networkapp has prioritised privacy, security and information protection. Unlike many other players, Networkapp puts the customer and participants in control. “But in a user-friendly way,” founder and CEO Elma Bassa explains. “The user determines who they talk to and what personal data they share.”

“Privacy and trust are extremely important if you want to build relationships and share knowledge. Networkapp take care of these aspects, so that you can put all your energy into networking.”

Peace of mind

The company’s founder is proud of the fact that this certification has been achieved by its small team. Bassa: “This certification gives our customers peace of mind because they can be certain that their own and their customer’s data are in good hands. Other players in our sector don’t go as far as we do in this and mainly refer to the ISO certification of their hosting providers. We have now achieved this international standard for information security specifically as a supplier.”

ISO 27001 provides guidelines for setting up an information security system. These include the policy and procedures that help in protecting both general and confidential information in the organisation. Within this system, we monitor 3 measurable objectives: confidentiality, integrity and availability.”

Awareness across the team

The certification confirms that information security is well-organised and monitored with Networkapp. “Everyone in our team is aware of what this means and we work in accordance with this standard at all times. The ISO toolkit software helps us monitor the information security management system we have in place. It also provides the evidence to show that we keep our word. It makes an inventory of the risks, sets up plans to deal with the risks, and monitors management procedures that are in place. This is all done to safeguard our high quality standards.”

ISO 27001 in practice

In practice, achieving ISO 27001 means that Networkapp safeguards the security of information in a number of ways, including: developing software securely, selecting and assessing its suppliers, minimising the amount of personal data collated, and implementing a backup and disaster-recovery plan.

Of course, Networkapp can’t guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong. Bassa: “The certification isn’t about perfection. It’s about awareness, regular checks, continuous improvements and the ability to deal with a situation should one arise. This approach significantly reduces the risk of unwanted issues.” 

About Networkapp

Networkapp is a SaaS platform for events and communities. The company’s mission is to organise meetings with impact. Irrespective of the location. Networkapp helps achieve this in the form of supply chain innovation and talent development, in particular in the fields of sustainability and the environment, science, healthcare and education.

Note for editors:

For more information, please contact Elma Bassa, founder and CEO of Networkapp by sending an email to or by phoning +31(0)30-2270660.

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