The world gathers at first online Antor Media Workshop

Modified at: 16-03-2022




The first online edition of the annual Antor Media Workshop took place at the end of November 2020. In other years, the 24 travel agencies met journalists, photographers and influencers at a beautiful location in the Netherlands, this year they spoke to each other digitally. “We actually decided right away that we wanted to continue the event. It is precisely in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic that we want to bring the travel sector together, ”says organizer Anke Dorenbos. “I went looking for a party that could support us in this and came up with Networkapp after a tip from my network.”
Antor used, among other things, the match-making and speed-dating option of Networkapp. “Travel agencies and journalists, influencers and photographers could indicate their interests in advance and thus see which appointments they would like to schedule. That went well ”, says Dorenbos.

All 24 participating travel agencies had their own online space. “We could customize the look of the rooms to match the atmosphere of the country. For example, in Aruba you were on the beach and in Switzerland in the mountains ”, Anke says enthusiastically. “Very nice that we could give it a bit of atmosphere. That is also one of the added values of Networkapp. We could not have realized something like this with a normal Zoom meeting.”

Of course, Dorenbos hopes that the event can be face to face again next year. “But who knows, we may also offer the possibility to be present online or an option to schedule appointments in advance,” she says. “We have received such good feedback. The match making and the possibility to indicate interests in advance resulted in appointments that might never have taken place at a physical event. ”

“If Antor organizes an online event again next year or a , we will certainly come back to Networkapp.” The cooperation with Networkapp was streamlined. “I liked that we could communicate very openly. If there were questions or something unexpected happened, it was immediately picked up by the Networkapp team. They were also easily accessible. ”

Does Dorenbos have a suggestion for someone else who is planning to organize an online event? “Make sure you have a plan in advance, a vision. Then it is much easier to work with a party like Networkapp, ”she says. “What I also really liked about Networkapp is that we could use a simple module that fitted our needs. There are of course more players on the market, also players with more extensive packages and you often pay for that, even if you do not need these options. That was not necessary with Networkapp. ”

"We received such great feedback. The match making and possibility to indicate interests in advance led to appointments that might never have taken place at a live event."

Anke Dorenbos, Antor the Netherlands