ISA group deploys community app for clear event organisation

5 min read. / Published at: 02-04-2020

ISA Group is one of the leading network organisations in the field of Finance and HR. They connect knowledge, skills, assignments and vacancies from and in the network. To promote knowledge sharing and development, they offer an extensive event agenda.


ISA Group maintains a large network for professionals with the aim of maintaining and strengthening the connection and thus investing in each other and themselves.

As ISA Group grew, they had to deal with a larger and more complex workload. They realised that the traditional way of drawing up community lists and the event registration process was time consuming. Invitations and information sharing took place by e-mail. The responses that followed were processed manually.

ISA group needed a tool that would help them with:

  • Securing and at the same time reducing the effort of manually compiling lists;
  • Offering a clear overview of the extensive event agenda and easy registration;
  • Smooth communication with clients and members.

This would have to be a tool that is both user friendly and administrator friendly and that would ultimately result in less work in total.


The event manager found such a tool with Networkapp over 3 years ago and so ISA group started our community app. Since then, they have been making frequent use of the features that help them streamline communication and relieve the workload.

ISA group makes use of the handy community event agenda to offer members a quick and clear overview of the many events. At the same time the event management team is able to keep up to date with everyone registering for their events.
The event app can be used unlimited free of charge when a community app is purchased!

The evaluation feature is frequently activated as well. This keeps the even management team on track of the experiences of members and event participants. Evaluation forms are sent to the right target group to map out event specific experiences.

Isa group keeps its members informed of what is going on through news and push messages. But also members themselves let each other know what they need or have to offer. This guarantees a solid collaboration in a personal environment.


“Since the introduction of the app, the ISA group community has worked a lot more efficiently!” says Eva Veldhuizen, event manager with ISA Group.

A continuously updated event agenda keeps everyone informed. The event management team has abandoned the 101 mails and lists that were manually maintained. Everything is clearly displayed in the app.

And so there events are always very well attended.

Members of the community can easily find each other via chat or the forum. They help each other in a safe environment and take full advantage of the available expertise and talents.

"All our communication went through 101 e-mails. With Networkapp's community app, members send messages to each other. The community administrators also keep our members informed with push messages. In this way we keep the communication focused and central."

Eva Veldhuizen, ISA Group