Your remote colleague

Online Support

As administrator, you can easily manage your community and add event apps using our platform. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. With the chat function in our platform we’ll be available to answer any additional questions. Just think of us as your remote colleague.

Networkapp training: Discover the platform’s possibilities with your colleagues.

Need a little extra support in managing your community? Then our training could be just what you and your colleagues need. The course covers the basic principles of working with the Networkapp platform. How to modify profiles, set up a poll and add event apps. Together we’ll determine how you can increase interaction. Based on our experience and your specific questions we’ll reach your goal. Interested? Contact us.

Project management

Not enough time? We can assist in managing your community and designing the Event App by taking it completely off your hands. We’ll send you an estimate of how many hours will be needed to complete the project. And if it turns out we needed less hours than we estimated, we’ll only charge you for the hours we worked on the project.

Complete marketing and Communication mix

We love sharing our experience in how to integrate Networkapp into your total Marketing Communication Mix with you. Ask here for our Tips & Tricks document. Want more? Then we’ll happily introduce you to our agent Elma Media. They can assist you in setting up your own complete Media and Communication Strategy.

Whatever your budget, there’s a Networkapp

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