Strengthen network engagement at decentralised audiences with stretched events

Are you ready to try a new way of organizing conferences? Learn from our stretched event cases and find out how you will become the organizer of “The best online conference we have attended this year”

The added value of online for events

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the acceptance and implementation of technology in the event industry. Many of the tools we are using today have been available for a long time already, but people were reluctant to use them. It took a high impact event to enforce radical change, as it often does.
Although most of us would love to attend live events again, we have also learnt to appreciate the advantages of online conferences. Increasing numbers of attendees, new ways of networking and matchmaking, lots of flexibility and on-demand content sharing are just a few examples.

Strengthened engagement with multiple networking moments

Last year we have set some beautiful examples of stretched events for customers who embrace these opportunities. With multiple contact moments over set period in time, the engagement of a decentralized audience grew significantly.

For a Multinational in consumer goods we have set up a stretched event with the goal to enlarge the engagement between sales representatives throughout Europe. The company struggles with cultural differences, travel restrictions due to covid and declining attachment to the business due to several mergers, and lack of contact with colleagues. We would like to share with you our experiences and how we managed to lower the barrier to engage the group.

Mix live, hybrid and online

Are you struggling to decide whether you should organize a live, hybrid, or online event? You don’t have to choose. Let’s organize a stretched event! Depending on the needs of your guests, e.g. content demand, networking goals, personal care, and enough free time to get some breath and relaxation 😉

How it works with Networkapp

Let the right people engage with each other and find relevant knowledge quickly and easily at live, hybrid and online events. Facilitate networking between exhibitors and participants and among visitors with the various contact and networking opportunities in the Networkapp event platform. This way, valuable engagements and unexpected connections are made. Curious for more?

All networking opportunities

Your event is just a few clicks away

Our event technology supports you to pick your type of event and match the desired features at the time you want, in an instant. From small roundtable discussions before the main event in a warm atmosphere, a network carousel to get to know each other, an online side event for stakeholders combined with your live conference, or online afterparty sessions in our talk show setting or rooftop bar. Just some ideas we can discuss to extend your event and multiply the contact moments with and for your stakeholders.

Find out how we connect knowledge at stretched events to keep attendees connected and engaged. It is not just the tooling that makes the difference, you can make the difference by understanding why people attend your event and use that to fulfil their personal networking goals.

Working together to increase the engagement of your participants?

Discover how we connect knowledge and people in the right way to keep your participants engaged. It’s not just the technical tools that make the difference. You can make a real difference by understanding why people participate and using that information to help participants achieve their networking goals.

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