Participant List

Uploading a list of participants

Uploading a participant list to Networkapp in Excel format is easy. By uploading a list everyone can see who is going to the event and which participants are actively using the Networkapp. Prefer to work with a registration partner? We can easily connect with companies like Eventtouch, EventBrite, Halito and Teamleader.

Categorising participants.

Prior to the event, you can ask participants additional questions upon registration that will add value to their visit to your event. Questions on interests, field of work, expertise and what they hope to achieve visiting the event. With the additional information you can complement visitor profiles and/ or categorise your guests

Finding other participants

Finding other participants is easy. You can use keywords or any of the existing search categories to find participants on the list. Improving participants’ visibility and making it easier to find the expertise you need for a chat or meeting.

One-on-one chatting

If participants are actively using the Networkapp they can easily approach other participants through the app. Participants who aren’t as active can still be invited to chat. They’ll receive an email inviting them to join the chat (email address will not be visible)

Scheduling a meeting

Participants can schedule a meeting via the participant list at one of the event’s meeting points.

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