Our story

Networkapp was started by Elma Bassa and Margriet de Groot. Innovation runs through their veins. They’re all about inventing and developing concepts and products, that result in better, easier processes, sustainable products or optimisation of the supply chain. As innovator, one is always looking for relevant know-how or finding the missing link for a new product or service. As tireless, enthusiastic knowledge seekers, Elma and Margriet have always been keen conference and network meeting attendees.

Elma says: “Too often we got home, feeling we had missed out on opportunities. That the people we wanted to meet were there but we hadn’t managed to speak to them. We found it difficult to discover who exactly we should be talking to in such a large group of people . If a conference visit was succesful depended mainly on chance meetings over coffee or in workshop sessions.”

And then … they had an idea.

Margriet adds: “We started brainstorming and sketching out some rough ideas. What do I need and what would work? Soon the outlines of Networkapp became visible. A single, simple tool that would help everyone find the right know-how.”

The Networkapp team strongly believes in combining online communication and face-to-face meetings at events. Real life connection is necessary to achieve fruitful collaboration; technology is a valuable addition to help the right people connect faster and efficiently. Moreover, given the vast amount of expertise that you can find on the Internet, an event is an ideal opportunity to prepare and focus. Connecting knowledge and help people on their way to countless beautiful innovations and collaborations: that’s what we aim for!

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