Our virtual Talkshow is celebrating it’s 1st anniversary!

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Iris Tip - Published at: 21-09-2022
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Awesome that you entered our virtual Talkshow win contest via Instagram! Haven’t you liked and tagged yet? Then visit out Instagram quickly and like our post to enter the competition!

What do you win exactly?
The ‘Talkshow’ is your own virtual studio where up to ten people, including host, sit at a virtual table for a conversation. With a live audience of up to 150 participants can follow the conversation and provide input via the chat function or can be invited to the table by a moderator at the table. This gives you a talk show setting to attend from your own living room or workplace, in a warm personal setting in your own *branding.

The Talkshow can be used separately as a small event with up to 150 participants. Or used in combination with our Networkapp platform together with all it’s functionalities for events and communities. Get the most out of your online event in terms of knowledge, interaction and networking, and consider the Talkshow for:
– Follow-up sessions with speakers and experts
– theme sessions
– product presentations
In Networkapp’s Virtual Rooms, you decide in which setting your colleagues, costumers or business contacts virtually meet each other. You choose the atmosphere and your own branding for the rooms.

*Branding at extra costs

Are you curious to see what this looks like? Watch the Talkshow video below.

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