In-app registration form

Save time, increase the number of downloads and connection between your participants.
Whether you’re organising a complete online, hybrid or live event for later.

At Networkapp we are constantly developing features to support you as an event or community manager in creating optimal networking experiences for your guests.

If your are not using a registration partner check out our new registration form. It is now possible to arrange your event registration directly from the dashboard. No more juggling with google forms, excel lists or 101 emails. Whether you are a community manager, organising a complete online, hybrid or live event, it offers benefits for everyone.

What are the benefits?

All your guests will receive an invitation to the Networkapp immediately after registration. It

From your own communication system you can easily send an invitation including an URL to the registration form for your event. All your guests will receive a confirmation and invitation to the Networkapp shortly after registration. It immediately increases the number of downloads. It facilitates mutual contact well in advance of the event.
Networking at your own pace, in your way will get you optimally prepared for the event!

And you as an event manager create excellent pre-event contact moments. Get to know your participants; what’s on their minds, what do they have to offer, what do they want to learn?

Keep track in the dashboard of who’s joining and how one networks. Take advantage of the opportunities it creates for you as an organiser. The programme does not have to be set in stone, you can easily inform your participants of changes. And when the time is right for a hybrid or 100% live event, the QR code ensures a smooth entry.

No event yet? Don’t worry, your postponed event can also benefit from the advantages it offers. Networkapp is already live for events this fall, even though the event date and set-up is still uncertain. Would you like to bring your event to life already? It is now possible to virtually connect all your guests and prepare for what’s to come. A hybrid event? A 1.5 meter event? A digital event? The date and content can easily be adjusted later. Bring your participants or members together in an easily accessible way. Read more about this in our articles or Eventbooster or contact us.

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6 steps to a dashboard registration form

  • Create a form in the Networkapp dashboard. First name, last name and email are always requested, additional questions can be defined by you.
  • You will receive a link to this form. Paste this link into the email invitation you send yourself.
  • As soon as someone fills out and sends the form, he/she will receive a confirmation and an instruction to download the app including personal code.
  • Find an overview of all registered guests in your Networkapp dashboard.
  • In the app, your visitor can directly choose programme sessions. The number of available places is taken into account. It is also possible to open session registration at a later stage.
  • For each guest, the app displays a unique QR code that you can use for visitor registration upon entering the live congress.

Any questions? We are happy to help.