How it (net)works

Getting started

With Networkapp participants will get the most out of your event or community. Networking is easy with the right information and tool at hand.

Valuable connections

Within the eventapp they find general information, latest questions, the next item on the programme and news. Find out what your visitor's think with in-app polls, live voting or evaluation.

Everyone gets involved

The question is the key; Participants share knowledge and queries by posting quests. This is how unexpected connections are created. Get participants to enrich their profiles and find each other by relevant content. Valuable relations are the result!

Schedule a meeting

Once contact is made, meetings between participants are easily planned and a warm welcome awaits them. Even after the event participants stay in touch with in-app chat and quests. Followed by surprising sustainable relationships!

Event organizer? Build your app!
Event attendee? Activate the app!