Exhibitors list

Upload a list of exhibitors to Networkapp including name, logo, stand number and URL. It’s also possible to add an extra floorplan. If you want to offer sponsors more exposure you can choose to use our Plus Module Promotion and give them visibility in the carousel or ad banner on the apps home screen.

Floorplan visibility

The floorplan for the venue or exposition can be uploaded to Networkapp. Fancy achieving a little more interaction? Our Plus Module Dynamic Floorplan allows participants to tag exhibitors on the dynamic floorplan.

Extra opportunities for sponsors

There is plenty to offer partners and sponsors when using Networkapp. Besides adding a logo to the exhibitors list, when using our Plus Module Promotion or the Plus Module Dynamic Floorplan you can offer them even more visibility. The Plus Module Narrowcasting shows what’s happening during the event on screens and can create even more exposure for partners and sponsors. Our Plus Module Messaging allows you to send (commercial) messages to target groups instead of all participants.

Plus Module Promotion

Plus Module Dynamic Floorplan

Plus module messaging

Plus module narrowcasting

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