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Dashboard – where is what?

What does the Dashboard look like;

By clicking on this icon  in the left upper corner you return to the complete overview of all events and/or communities you manage.
By clicking on  Create event   you create a new event.

Want to set up a new event from your community, go to the community dashboard – Overview – and click on Add event   


 Your Roadmap

Your Roadmap gives a structured overview of the dashboard. Useful tips and a checklist of setting up your event can be found in Your Roadmap. If you’re still in trial mode, you can decide which road to follow.

Choose Shortcut if you quickly want to set up an event to show your client. Want to set up a complete event? Follow the Full Journey. Each step in the process shows you a tip on how to set up that step. You can use that tip or save for inspiration for another time.

 Get Organised

Get Organised. Organisational parts of your event app can be found under this tab:

  • Teamroles: Invite your colleagues to help you set up the Networkapp
  • My products: You can find the overview of your order here. Want to upgrade your package? Order your package upgrade here!
  • Advanced: These standard settings do not have to be altered for using the app. If needed, these settings can be altered.

 Event Content

  • Exhibitors: An exhibitors/sponsors/partners list can be created here. The Dynamic Floor plan can also be set up under this tab.
  • Promotion: Extra publicity for exhibitors/sponsors/partners, such as  logo carrouselbanners etc can be set up under the element Promotion.
  • Custom Content: Sharing additional information, like pdf presentations, can be set up here.
  • Tags: The filtercategories with which your participants can easily find programme components and other content can be created under Tags.


Compose your programme, including sessions, speakers, tags, content, maps, meeting points.

  • Tags: The filtercategories with which your participants can easily find programme components and other content can be created under Tags.
  • Maps: Upload your map here.
  • Meetingpoints: Add meeting points here. This allows your participants to meet up easier.
    Organising an online event? Contact us to set up a virtual meeting point!


Under tab Participants all components with regards to participants can be found, such as participants list, import and profile fields. But also:

  • Push news: News items and push notifications can be set up here. This element can be found under Participants because this directly informs participants. Could also be sent out for a target group.


Here you will find everything to do with preparing a warm welcome for your participants and preparing invites to send to your participants

  • Prepare: You can set up the welcoming word here. This is the message participants see when they open the event for the first time in the app.
    Codes to access the event can be set here. 
    Create e-mail templates to easily send during the onboarding process, with just one click on a button!
    Invite a test group to see if everything works and looks as desired.
  • Send invites: Walk through the invitation process here
  • Match up duplicates: Match duplicates in the participants list. When the system has not been able to automatically match the duplicate who already had access to the Networkapp, use this feature.
  • Email log: Here you can find all sent emails related to your event app.


This menu item enables you to set up all features related to the network purpose of the app.

  • Quests: An overview of all posted quests can be found here. Furthermore, this is where you as a manager/organiser can post quests.
  • Speeddate with experts: This is the speeddate component related to programme sessions. When you click on +Add speeddate session you will be referred to the programme. When setting up a speed date session, you can always find this in the complete programme overview. At Networking you can find a complete overview of only speed dating sessions and the corresponding appointments made here. You can also manage appointments between experts and participants and the meeting points.
  • Meetings: Who has met up with whom? You can find a list in this overview. Furthermore, as organizer you can set up the meetings between participants here.


Engaging participants and keeping them involved can be quite a challenge! Thus we have created and grouped features who support engaging your participants.

  • Poll: Get to know your participants by using interactive polls
  • Live Voting: These user friendly interactive live voting sessions make sure participants are engaged in a fun way!
  • Live event feed: Show the live event feed on a large screen. Contact us for more information and setting up this Live event feed.
  • Questionnaire: You can set up evaluation forms here to gain feedback.


  • Reports: All data of your event can be found here. How many participants have been active – how many participants made new connections – how many meetings were planned…
    But you can also download answers to profile fields or evaluation questions(if they have been set up).
  • User activity: Want to know if your active participants have taken any action, posted a quest or planned a meeting? This can be found in the User activity overview.

Choose your path in Road Map

When you start a new trial event you will be asked which path you wish to follow:

The Shortcut

Short cut

The shortcut is a short path. It takes about 15 minutes to complete. You could follow this path when you want to implement the essential features of the app in a short time. You can do this, for example, because you want to show your client the possibilities of Networkapp. Or because you want to get to know the dashboard quickly.

The Middle Road

If you have got more time and want to master the dashboard, take the Middle Road. Heb je wat meer tijd om handen en wil je je het dashboard eigen maken, neem dan de Middle Road. This path will take about an hour, leading you through a more extensive package of features. Try out more features together with colleagues.

Middle Road

The Full Journey

Convinced to fully use the Networkapp and ready to go? Choose the Full Journey. You’ll get to know all the ins and outs of the dashboard and app. At the end of the road, your complete app is ready.

Full Journey

On your way…

Depending on the road you have chosen there will be an overview of steps on the Road map page. This way you will have a pointer that you can follow to guide you through different features the app has to offer. When you set up a feature you can see it in the overview.
You can change direction at any time while you are setting up a trial version. For example, if you start with a short cut, you can always continue on the Middle Road or Full Journey.

Build your event app demo in less than 15 minutes and try it out with your team.




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