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Who are the most active participants?

Go to Results

Click on User activity

The next page shows an overview of all active app users. The first participant you see is the one who has been most active in the app.

Click on a participant’s name to see more information about the use of the app by this participant.

Is there an overview of my event data?

Want to know the activity within your event or community? Go to   Results – Reports.

Here you will find multiple reports/data to view and to download. This information might be useful for upcoming events.

Please note: the event environment (in the dashboard) will remain open for 8 weeks, you will not be able to download the data afterwards as all data will automatically be deleted.

The app, on the other hand, will be open until 4 weeks after the event. When the app closes, all connections made will be stored under the ‘My contacts’ section.

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