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How do I set up an online programme?

Go to tab Programme > Programme Icon Programme
  1. Click on Add session
  2. Select: Online (with network area)
  3. Name the programme component
  4. Enter the start and end time of that programme component
  5. Description: this field is meant to set the scene and describe the whole programme or a description of that programme component. Want to set up a programme with separate programme components? Put a livestream URL in each programme component!
  6. Select the option Mandatory attendance if participants are obliged to watch that programme component
    Bare in mind: Participants cannot plan a meeting with each other during these Mandatory sessions.
  7. Is selectable: if the programme component is a selectable session, this option should be checked (in Spots available the capacity of that session can be displayed)
  8. Display category: if a programme component should be placed under an extra alternative programme, please type the name of that programme component (view helparticle Alternative programme for more information). For example, a programme with only virtual living rooms.
  9. External session content*: here you can indicate which tool you are going to use for your online event, for example a Vimeo, Zoom, Teams or a virtual living room, networkcarousel or Talkshow* a dropdown will appear were you can select the correct Virtual room. When you place a URL or Virtual room extra options will pop up:

Auto open URL when it’s time to start: if you want the livestream to automatically open for everyone at the start time, check this box

Button text: give a description of the button to open the livestream or enter the virtual living room here

Button description: this is an optional field to enter an extra short description of the button text

Enable button: click on the dropdown button to indicate when the button to go to the livestream/virtual living room should be clickable

Showing to: click on the dropdown button to indicate for whom the button to go to the livestream/virtual living room should be visible (e.g. for everyone or only participants who selected the programme component)

Sidestream URL: if you want to use the chat of your livestream, please place the URL chat stream here
Note: our Virtual livingroom, Carousel and Talkshow are provided with their own chat facility

In the Network Area dropdown you can indicate when the Networking Square should be open for participants to start networking

Note: This option is already presented when you choose the Type of session as Online.

*examples of suitable livestream channels are: Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Youtube, Vimeo (YouTube en Vimeo can be embedded in the Networkapp platform instead of opening on a second tab).
Want to show a video instead of a livestream? Find out how: ‘Show videos in the app’.

Netwerk Carrousel

The Networking Carrousel is a feature that places random participants together in a virtual living room for a certain period.
Participants can get to know each other in different carrousel rounds with a predetermined maximum number of participants per room.
Want to set up a Networking Carrousel for your event? Contact us to discuss all possibilities.

Virtual Livingroom

The virtual living room can be used separately or in combination with the Network Square and other functionalities of the Networkapp platform. In this way, you can expand your digital meeting into a hybrid or online event complete with networking opportunities, matchmaking and speed dating.

When you purchase a Virtual Living Room, you can use it as a programme component.

Icon Programme – Programme

Add session: choose ‘Online session’
Please note: for an online event it is always online!
Once you have chosen your session, go to the relevant help article How to set up an online programme) to set up your session correctly.

If you want to use the living rooms next to your regular programme, you can set up a alternative programme for this.

Networkapp Talkshow

Invite up to ten people (including host) seated at the virtual table in your own Talkshow. In an environment with your chosen branding, the attendees can actively participate in the discussion that is happening around the table. The audience follow the conversation through the live stream and provides input through the chat function. The moderator can invite someone from the audience to take a seat at the table and join the conversation. All this from their own living room or workplace, in a warm personal setting in your own style.

When you purchase a Talkshow you can use this as part of your event programme.

Icon Programme  – Programme

Click Add session: Please note that for online events you should select Online!
Did you choose the session part? Consult the help article How to set up an online programme to set up your programme correctly.

Do you want to style the Talkshow in your own brand identity? Please contact for the possibilities.

Set up meeting points in the app

There will always be a meeting points button visible in the eventapp info. There for we recommend to set up at least one meeting point, f.i. Registrationdesk

Go to Programme> tab Meetingpoints

One meeting point is already set up:

Click Edit to change the item:

  1. Name the meeting point f.i. Registrationdesk
  2. Optional: upload a photo to make it more recognisable. You can always add this later.
  3. Leave Type on ‘default,’ Meeting points for ‘speed date’ are only intended and visible for speed date session.
  4. Click Save
  5. Optional: Click Add meetingpoint to add another meeting point

Meeting point will be shown in the app in order of time created

Meetingpoints screen explanation

Give a short explanation about the meeting points and how participants can plan appointments with each other.


Meeting points are also required to set up a speeddate item in the program. After all, you want  participants to know where to meet the expert.

Follow the steps as above, but in step 3 select the Type ‘speeddate’.
The meeting points that are created for speed dates will only be visible when a participant schedules a speed date. For regular appointments between participants, speeddate meeting points cannot be selected.
(See help article Setting up speeddate for more information)




set up session rounds and selectable sessions

Go to Programme-> Tab Programme

  1. Click Add Session Round
  2. Give it a name, fi Workshops Round 1
  3. Enter beginning and end time
  4. Add a tag if you are using this feature in the app (see help article Tags for more info)
  5. When this round is mandatory for everyone select Mandatory attendance
    Note: Participants will not be able to plan meetings with eachother during the time of this round.
  6. Sorting Order when there are different parallel session rounds at the same time (rounds not sessions) you can put them in a specific order.
  7. Display category If this round is part of an alternative programme running along side the regular programme enter the alternative programme name (see help article Alternatief programma for more information)
  8. Click Create

Add sessions/workshops to a session round:

  1. Go back to Programme -> Tab Programme
  2. Find the session round and click
  3. Enter the available information (see help article Programma inrichten for more information on all the input fields)
  4. Optional: With Type the session can be changed to speed date session (see help article Speeddate for more info)
  5. At Round you’ll find the round under wchic you placed this session. Change if needed.
    Note  When you move a session to another session round, the exact time needs to bee manually adjusted
    You will recognise a session with diffferent begin and end time then the round under which it is placed in the Programme overview eby an exclamation mark
  6. Click Create
  7. Repeat for more sessions



set up a separate programme in addition to the regular programme

Does the event have a separate programme in addition to the regular programme (for example, for a different target group)? You can enter this under the regular programme by means of Display category

  1. Go to Programme -> Tab Programme
  2. Click Add item
  3. Select the required programme item (See help article Set up programme for more info)
  4. Enter the required data
  5. At Display Category enter the name of your separate programme
  6. Click Save
  7. Repeat for other sessions

The program in the event app will now show a bar with a separate programme underneath.

create speaker profiles and link them to programme items

You can enter speakers in 2 ways and link them to program components.

A. Via a list of speakers:

  1. Go to Programme -> Tab Speakers
  2. Here you enter the speakers of your event before linking them to a session.
    At Show speakers list you first indicate whether a separate list of speakers should be visible in the app..
    No means that only a link to the speaker will be visible in the session item in question.
    Only on schedule means that there will also be an icon in the upper right corner of the program, behind which a complete list of speakers can be found. As well as a link to the speaker in the programme item in question.
    On event home and schedule screens means that there will be a bar on the home screen behind which the list of speakers can be found. As well as a link to the speaker in the programme item in question.
    Choose the required option and click Save settings.
  3. Click Add Speaker
  4. Enter name and other available data
  5. Add a photo if desired
  6. Under Listed you indicate whether the speaker should be shown on a list of speakers.
  7. If the speakers on speaker list have to be shown in a certain order, fill in the desired position under Speaker list order.
  8. Click Add

Linking the speakers to the programme section:

  1.  Go to Programme -> Tab Programme
  2. Open the relevant programme item and scroll down a bit.
  3. Enter the name of the speaker at Speakers. A pull-down menu appears with a list of speakers, click on the correct speaker..
  4. Repeat if there are more speakers.
  5. Click Save in the upper right corner of the screen.

B. Through the program item:

  1.  Go to Programme -> Tab Programme
  2. Open the relevant programme item and scroll down a bit
  3. Enter the name of the speaker at Speakers and click Add New.
  4. Then click on Edit Bio to complete the speaker’s details.
  5. Fill in the relevant fields and click Save.
  6. Then click Save in the upper right corner of the programme item to save the entire component.
  7. Repeat the steps for more speakers.
  8. If you want to change the order in which speakers in the programme item are shown in the app, click Up or Down until the speakers are in correct order.

Note: The option Show speaker list is by default set to No. You can change this at
Programme -> Tab Speakers

Set up a speed date programme item

Go to Networking-> Tab Speeddates with experts

For this section, it is advisable to first set up your Meetingpoints and Speaker profiles.

  1. Click Add Item
  2. Select programme type ‘Speeddate session’
  3. Determine name of the session (programme name)
  4. Indicate timeframe
  5. Give a general description of the speeddate item
  6. At Experts you can enter the relevant experts. Type in the name of the expert. If it has already been added to the Speakerlist, the name will appear automatically and you can click on it. (See Help article Create Speaker profiles for more info)
  7. Click Add new
  8. Make sure you have set meeting points for speed dates at Programme -> tab Meetingpoints (see help article Meeting points for more info).
    Add one meeting point per expert that is available in the drop down (You have to define the meeting points in advance; set them under the menu Programme -> tab Meetingpoints -> Meeting points. Such as Table 1,2, etc.. or Thematic Table 1, 2, etc..)
  9. If you didn’t create the expert list under the heading ‘Speakers’, click Edit bio.
  10. Fill in the required expert data and click on Save.
  11. Determine whether the speed date is part of the running program or a separate program.
    In the latter case, add an overarching title to the Display category. E.g. “Sign up for the speeddates” This way you can place different types of speeddate program items under this separate program, e.g. part: Meet the experts, Meet the investors, etc. (see help article Set up a separate programme for more info)
  12. Determine the speeddate interval (this will be the same for all experts), so how long is a participant supposed to talk to the expert?
  13. You can choose to always accept an appointment request or to have this acceptance done by the experts themselves with the option ‘Auto accept appointments’.
  14. The organisation can block certain timeslots in the part of the program via View appointments (top right) by request of the experts. The experts can also do this themselves via the app (appointments -> my availability). The expert can use the app to block extra timeslots but not deblock the preset block times in the dashboard.
  15. The organisation can schedule appointments on behalf of the experts via the Networkapp dashboard.
  16. The experts will receive an e-mail when an appointment is scheduled (if ‘auto accept appointments’ is set in the dashboard) or when there is an appointment request.
    Note: An email address has to be provided in de the dashboard by the app manager
  17. The experts will receive an e-mail if an appointment has been cancelled by the participant.

What can the experts do themselves?

  • The experts can manage their own availability after registration in the app. They can block or unblock timeslots.
  • The experts can manage appointments themselves. Cancelling appointments (with active and non-active users) and reschedule appointments (with active users only)

tag programme items and create a programme search filter

You can tag programme items. With this tag you can give the programme item a theme for example. Participants can filter by programme tags and easily find the desired program items.

Go to Programme -> tab Tags

  1. Click Manage tag groups
  2. Enter an umbrella name at Name, for example ‘workshop’ or ‘theme’.
  3. If necessary, indicate an order when filter groups should be shown in a certain order in the app
  4. Click Add Tag
  5. Click on the Tags tab again. Under Category, select the filter group under which the tag should be placed, for example ‘Theme’.
  6. In Tag, type in the appropriate filter item, e.g. ‘Sustainability’.
  7. At Order, the position of the tag in the filter menu of the app, can be indicated.
  8. With Color you give the tag a color to recognize it in the app.
  9. Click Add tag and repeat until all tags are created.
  10. In the program item you link the desired tag by clicking ‘Add tag’.

Indicate the number of available seats (Advanced/Unlimited)

Specifying the number of available places is a feature of the Advanced and PRO plan. Check our Pricing page for more information about our plans and current prices.

  1. Go to Programme -> Tab Programme
  2. Click on the programme item where you want to insert a maximum number of available places.
  3. Scroll down to the field Spots Available
  4. Enter the maximum number of available places
    If there is no maximum, but you want to keep track of how many people have signed up, leave the prefilled number 9999.
  5. In order to be able to count the number of available places, the participants must be able to register in-app for the session. Check if the Is selectable option is checked.
  6. Click Save

    Note: The in-app Workshop Selection option must also be ticked in the overall program overview.

The number of available seats is now visible in the dashboard. You can find them in the program overview behind the sessions in question. The number counts down, so 25/40 means that there are still 25 places available and that 15 participants have registered.

When the session is fully booked, the word ‘Full’ will appear in the app and it will no longer be possible to register.



place a map in the app

Icon Programme Go to Programme -> tab Maps

Event map

Upload a map of your event. Make sure this is one image in jpg or png (max 2048×2048) format.

Click on Select file to upload or drag the document from your explorer to the field

Only one jpg item can be uploaded. A new map can be uploaded by following the same steps, the old document will be replaced by the new one.

Click Delete to delete the map completely

Exhibitors map

You can upload the exhibitors map here. Make sure this is one image in jpg or png (max 2048×2048) format.

Follow the steps as described above.

When the Exhibitors map is uploaded, a button Manage Floorplan will appear. When you click this button, you will see your previously created exhibitors list on the right, you can drag and drop the exhibitors to the correct location on the exhibitors map.

Note: Do you have an online event and do you need help setting up a virtual exhibitors map? Please contact us for examples and prices.

Exhibitor map Label

By default the name will be set to the name of the label given at Event Content -> Exhibitors tab. If preferred, change the name of the exhibitor floor plan.

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