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Invite colleagues to check the app before going live

Before you go live with the event or community to all participants, you can ask a number of people check the app with you en test networking features.

Individual Invites

Inviting colleagues individually to take a look at the app works as follows:

Icon invitation Go to Invitations -> tab Send Invites

  1. Select ‘Individual’ at Step 1 Send Invites
  2. Fill in.
  3. Continue to Step 3 Customize Message
  4. Fill in the right reply email address in case it’s not already filled in
  5. Check the standard text and customise where needed.
    Please note: Data between accolades {{text}} are not to be changed because of automatic personalisation
  6. Select check box Save changes to template if you want to save the email for later use.

Click Create Invite. The person in question will now receive an email with download instruction and event code for the app.

How can I create a single shared event code that everyone can use?

To create a single invite code that you can communicate on posters, social media, etc. you can do the following:

  1. Go to Participants
  2. Go to Tab invite
  3. Click Manage invite codes
  4. Enter a code of your choice in the field Event code on the left

If you upload a participant list, we do strongly recommend to send the invites via our dashboard and use the personal invite codes.

You can still use the general event code for last minute participants and other forms of communication.

Note: This option is not available during the trial period.

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