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request a quotation

Are you happy with our Networking features, but still like a quote before you proceed with any orders, request a quote.

  1. Click Order now
    order now
  2. Select de wanted options
    And click Request Quote to apply for a quote

    (check help article How to change my order for more information on changing your order)
  3. Fill in the application form and click Request Quote
    (check help article How to change my order for more information on changing your order)
  4. You’ll see find a conformation of your request next
  5. Click Terms and conditions for an overview of our terms
  6. Clcik Download Quote download the quote. The quote will also be send to your e-mail within a few minutes.
  7. To agree and place your order, click Order now at the bottom of your screen.
    You will now see your quote/order. Click Agree to terms ad conditions and click Place order
  8. You can also agree to the quote via the email you received. Click the link Accept Quote online in the mail you received.
  9. Click Accept quote to agree.
    Click Reject quote to reject this quote.
  10. If you wish, indicate the reason for the rejection and click Yes, reject this quote.

Start a trial and place an order from the dashboard

Have you had good experiences with Networkapp and want to use the app for a new or different event? Create a new event in trial mode via the dashboard or copy the old event environment.
  1. Go to ‘Home’ via the Networkapp icon in the upper left corner 
  2. Click on  
  3. Start the new event in trial mode
  4. Go through the start-up steps
  5. Try out all features (possibly with colleagues)
  6. If you are satisfied with the event you started, click on Order Now in the upper right corner.
  7. Select the desired options
    If you wish to receive a quote first, click on Request Quote
    Click on Order Now if you wish to order directly.

Do you want to set up a copy?

Go to Your roadmap

Scroll all the way down and click on Duplicate

Dashboard Authorisations Per Role

Authorisation Admin Organization

Community Owner

Community Manager


Community Event Manager

Total overview communities and events X
Acces and adjustment licence agreement X
Assign community owners X
Assign eventmanager and editor X X X
Upgrade events to new plan and modules X X X X
Add (target)event within a community X X X
Content management at community and event level X X X X X
Import list of participants and setup profile fields X X X
Setup Interest groups X X X
Interaction with participants (invitations and notifications) X X X X
Data export participants X X X
Overview factsheet poll, questionnaire and profile fields X X X   X
Overview user activity X X X


Organise your team in the dashboard

Do you have colleagues who should also be able to customize the content in the event or the community? Then add them as managers.

Add managers

Go to Get Organised -> tab Team roles

  1. Enter the first name, surname and e-mail address of the colleague in question
  2. Specify her or his role
  3. Click Send Invite

An instruction email will be send to your colleaugue

Change manager/editor to primary owner (owner and invoice recipient)

The (primary) event owner can add other managers and place orders (Check out help article Dashboard authorisations per role)

Clickbehind the person in question.

Change owner to Manager/Editor

Click behind owner in questio. Enter his or her details again at Invite team members select the correct role and click Send Invite

Please note there should always be one “Primary owner”. When the person in question is no longer available as  primary owner, he or she should select a new primary owner, before deleting. Click behind the entry that should be removed as primary owner

Delete manager/ Editor

Click behind the name in question.

set up advanced settings

Here you will find a number of settings that allow you to change the default features.
For a standard event nothing needs to be changed here.

Event type can not be changed and this does not affect the design and use of the app.

Change your order

icon get organised Go to Get Organised-> Tab My products

  1. Click New quote/order
  2. Select the required/wanted options
  3. Click Send Quote when you wish to receive a new quote before you proceed with purchase
    Click Order Now when you like to place your order directly
  4. Check your selected options on the left and your details on the right.
    If you want to change anything else in the selected products, click
  5. Everything in order? Scroll down and click:
    Request quote when you are requesting a quote
    Place order when you want to place the order
  6. Check your quote/order, fill in VAT and reference if available. Select option agree to terms and conditions.
  7. Click Place order or Accept Quote


Invite colleagues to check the app before going live

Before you go live with the event or community to all participants, you can ask a number of people check the app with you en test networking features.

Individual Invites

Inviting colleagues individually to take a look at the app works as follows:

Icon invitation Go to Invitations -> tab Send Invites

  1. Select ‘Individual’ at Step 1 Send Invites
  2. Fill in.
  3. Continue to Step 3 Customize Message
  4. Fill in the right reply email address in case it’s not already filled in
  5. Check the standard text and customise where needed.
    Please note: Data between accolades {{text}} are not to be changed because of automatic personalisation
  6. Select check box Save changes to template if you want to save the email for later use.

Click Create Invite. The person in question will now receive an email with download instruction and event code for the app.

Activate your code to (pre)view the app

You might have already encountered the download and code entering instruction pop-up when you started the (trial) event:

Activate your eventapp 

If you skip this step by clicking ‘Got it, let’s continue’ you’ll find an uncompleted step at the Road map overview page:

Preview app

  1. Click the banner as shown above
  2. Follow the instructions
  3. Open the app on your device, click +New Code in the top right corner  and enter the unique code you see in the pop-up in your dashboard
  4. Click Continue
  5. You now have access to your eventapp.

Keep in mind that you are now also registered as a participant in the app.


customise your layout

Go to Your Roadmap

  1. Click  Customize Look and Feel on the right side of your dashboard to adjust your event app’s icon, header and primary colours.
  2. A pop-up (possibly with previously entered images) will appear:
  3. Click on the plus sign Upload my own image to upload your own image.
    Ideal icon format is 172×172 px.

    Or select one of our icons based on event sector. Click on Close when you have selected an icon.
  4. Click on the plus sign Upload my own image to upload your own image.
    Ideal header format is 640×200 px.

    Or select one of our headers based on event sector. Click on Close when you have selected an icon.
  5. Adept colourcodes in RGB(x, y, z) or Hex #111111
  6. Click Continue to save your layout


Build your event app demo in less than 15 minutes and try it out with your team.




Try it now. No strings attached!