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Import: How can I enrich the profiles of my participants via excel import?

First of all you check if your excel file is Networkapp proof

  • Have you added extra columns in your excel spreadsheet with additional data about your participants? Column header could be: sector, branches, interests, expertise. Decide about what your participants could do with this information or what output you need at the end as an organisation.
  • Make sure you separate multiple values in a cell with a uniform value ( ; , )
  • If you want to upload the personal workshop choices of your participants, make sure that you add an excel column per sessionround. You can add the time frame later on in step 4.
  • Go to partipants and import your excel.

Step 1:
Import the excel.
Make sure to at least include first name, lastname and personal e-mail address.

Step 2:
Identify the header rows, so the data can be processed properly.
Choose ‘Ignore’ in the dropdown menu foor the rows that do not contain relevant inofrmation.

Step 3:
On your right you can see all the columns from your import file. Drag the columns you want to the designated fields on the left side. You can leacve columns you don’t use on the roght side. After positioning the columns you can change the column titles on the left. This is what the particpants will see in their profiles. You can define the purpose of these columns in step 4

Step 4:
There is a checkbox on the left side for the column you added. Choose how the data will show at the profile of the participant in the app.

When you choose text the information will be shown as tekst. Other participants can search via the search engine in the app. When you choose category it will be shown as a filter option. Make sure you add multiple choice values in the excel which are uniform otherwise the list will be endless.
You can also choose workshop and fill in the date and the begin and endtime of the particular workshop round. On the right side select means of seperation (; of , ) if their are multiple values in one cell (e.g. Marketing;Logistics)

You are ready to import the list now. You can easily change this list when it doesn’t fullfill your wishes. Check how the data occurs in Networkapp.

Profile Fields: How can I enrich the profiles of my participants via in-app profile questions?

Figure out which additional information about the participants is relevant for other participants and your organisation. Think about the strategic goals of your event and determine in what way the participants can or should be connected to eachother.
For example a multiple choice in sectors, interests, expertise, regions, type of business, role of the participants… You can choose how you showcase this in the personal profile at the participantlist. Only as text or as a filter category.

1. Go to Participants -> Choose Profile fields -> Click the configure button.

Button label: Name of the button which shows at the home eventscreen
Introduction Text: Tell your participants why you are going to ask these questions. If you leave this empty, we will directly skip to the first question
Confirmation Text: You can add a thank you note. This is shown to the user after answering the questions
Header Image: You can add a banner/header above the introduction text on the overview screen.
Button visibility: before you add the profile questions. The best way is to choose the never visible option. After you have completed the questions you can change the visibility. So that you don’t have to change all individual questions to “visible”

2. Go to participants -> Choose Profile fields -> Click Add Question

Column name: Column name in exports, API connectors, etc. This needs to be unique within this event/community and is not shown to users.
Question: The question as showed to the participants in the app
Short explanation: You can add a short explantion tot the question. This is shown in a smaller font below the question
Category: you can ignore this checkbox
Header Image: you can add a specific header tot his question. This is shown above the question
Position: Questions in the app are sorted by this number
Question Visible: determines is the question is visible in the app. If you have chosen “never visible” in the configure settings you can choose visible. When you are finished wit hall the questions you can make them visible at onze via de the configuration settings.
Required before entering: User is required to enter this before the event/community can be accessed
On registration form: If you use a Networkapp generated registration form, this field will be part of it
Allow change Display Options: determines if a participant may allow to change.
Visible on profile: Show the answer on the individual user profile page (visible to other users)
Show as Filter category: Show this question as one of the filter options on the ‘filter’ screen
Filter Category Title: (Optional) Use this category title instead of the question itself.
Show results on narrowcasting: You can ignore this button.

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