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Delete duplicate participants

It may happen that a participant appears twice in the dashboard list of participants.
For example, if the participant creates an account using a different e-mail address than the one on which he received the invitation.
Or when the participant has created a new account on two different devices.

There are two ways to remove duplicates:

A) via Match up duplicates (Recommended)

B) via the dashboard participant list

Match up Duplicates

 Go to Invitation > Tab Match up duplicates

1. Search for the name and click on the pull-down menu

3. Select the correct name (this will be the name and e-mail address corresponding with the participant import)

4. Afterwards click on  below on the page

5. You will find one active participant in the participant list

Participant list

 Go to Participants -> Tab List

1. Search for the duplicate on the participant list

2. If one of the double entries is active, and one is inactive, determine if the active account is actually the account to be retained. The active account should be the same as the imported data.

3. When the active account is the correct one, click on the pull-down menu to delete the wrong account.

4. A pop-up will show with a warning, click Confirm if the wrong participant account can be deleted.

Please note: if an invite has been sent to the inactive deleted e-mail address, the event code displayed in that e-mail address will no longer be usable.

Create a logo carousel

 Go to Event content -> Promotion -> Carrousel

Here you will also find the list of Exhibitors that have been selected to run in the carousel in the app.

You can add to it by clicking on at the top of your screen (See help article Create exhibitorlist for more info)

Add Item:

Name Sponsor/partner etc name

Location Where is the exhibitor’s stand (see help article Place map for more info)

Description Give a description of the exhibitor or place an advertisement as an image

E-mail Contact email address (this can only be 1 address, on the sponsor page in the app a banner will be shown with the possibility to send an email)

Hyperlink Enter the URL of the exhibitor’s website. When you click on the logo via the carousel in the app, you will be linked to the relevant website. Note: If you have also filled in an email address, the hyperlink overrules unless you have also filled in the Description and/or Header, in which case it creates an exhibitors page and you will be taken from the carousel to that page. Is this the intention?
Then fill in the information below as well:

Content Links If you want to share a pdf or a video on the sponsor page, you can add it via Add Content Link. This will be shown as a map on the sponsor page and will be opened in-app.

Logo place an exhibitor logo (jpg or png size 274×108).

Header Image for Detail Screen Upload a header image that will appear at the top of the exhibitor’s detail page (jpg or png size 640×480).

App Listing Positions:

In directory Is checked by default, uncheck if the exhibitor does not need to be included in the list.

On carousel This is selected by default when you create a logo carousel via this route

Featured When you want to lock one logo in the carousel, so that it does not rotate but is always visible, select this option
Note this is part of the Advanced Package and Unlimited Package.

Show as banner Check when the logo should appear as a separate banner on the home page of the event. Make sure that the size of the logo is the same as for a header (jpg or png size 640×88).
Note this is a part of the Advanced/Unlimited plan

Position If desired, indicate the position at which the exhibitor should be included in the exhibitor list.


Parent If you have created a directory and choose the directory here, the sponsor will also be placed in this directory. In the app you will see a banner (directory) with the sponsors you have selected from the carousel. Please note that you must also select In directory above

Show on narrowcasting (Live Event Feed) Check when the exhibitor should to be visible via narrowcasting on a screen at the event.

  1. Click Save
  2. Repeat for other exibitors

Carrousel logo’s in exhibitorlijst

You can place the logos that you rotate in the carousel at the top of the exhibitor list:
1. Go to Promotion

2. Select option ‘Yes repeat all at the top’ in the pull down menu Repeat all carousel items on exhibitors screen.

3. In addition, enter the name for these exhbitors at Carousel label (e.g. ‘main sponsors’).

4. By default, the entries you place under carousel will also appear in the exhibitor list. If you have them repeated at the top of the exhibitor list, they will appear twice. If you don’t want this to happen, uncheck the option In directory in the item in question.

Add exhibitor contacts (Advanced/Unlimited)

Via the participant excel you can add (present or absent) contact persons of sponsors and exhibitors.

1. Enter the contacts in your participant file with the same data, but add an extra column.
Call them Sponsor, for example. Fill in the company name in that column behind the relevant contact person.
When you import participants via external registration link, make sure that these data are also included.

Go toParticipants -> Tab Import

2. Import the (complete) list of participants. You can do this by means of an excel upload or via an automatic link.

3. Navigate to Promotion

4. Has the list of sponsors been made yet? Click on a sponsor or click on add exhibitor, when you enter a new one, scroll down and fill in:

Participant filter column The name of the column in your excel file or registration data
Participant filter query The name of the exposant/sponsor as in your excel file or registration data

5. Click Save and repeat for the other exhibitors

Check your participant excel file

We recommend to check the excel file before importing the participants.

  1. The document contains the following columns:
    – first name
    – Surname
    – Emailadres
  2. Are these columns filled in correctly
  3. Does the file contain optional additional columns, e.g:
    – Company
    – Jobtitle
    – Workshopselection
  4. When importing workshop choice, make sure you have one column per workshop round. Enter the name of the workshop choice per participant.
    Note that this must match the workshop name in the programme exactly, so that the system can match it.

Import participants by excel

Go to Participants -> Tab Import

Tab import

First check if your excel file contains the following columns:

Please note that a first and last name must always be given and to invite participants to the event via the dashboard an email address must be uploaded.

  • first name
  • surname
  • jobtitle
  • company
  • unique emailadres
  • optional extra profile columns with content per participant (Sector, Qualities with which I can and want to help others, Knowledge with which I can and want to help others, Networks in which I am active, I am a board member of …).

Step 1

1. click Select file or drag your document to the appropriate field:

Step 2

2. At Identify header rows the column titles are fixed.

In the dropdown menu, choose ‘Header’ from the row that should be set as title bar.

3. The rows that do not need to be shown as title or data can be set to ‘Ignore’.

5. Click Next

Step 3

6. With Select Columns it is determined which information is shown in the participant’s profile. On the right side, the columns as contained in the excel file are displayed.

Drag the columns to the relevant field on the left. The columns that are not used can remain.

7. Additional columns can be created by dragging and dropping to +Add Column. Give the new column a title. This text will appear later in the participants’ profiles.
Repeat this for extra columns.

Step 4

8. Determine in Set import options how the data is processed in the profile of the participants.

For example, if there are values in the excel file that are mentioned differently in the app, adjust this by using Find/Replace. Check this option, fill in the original and the final value.

9. If imported with the participants list, you can also define the workshop selection here.

  • Look up the column in which the workshop registrations are processed ->
  • Click on the pull down menu ->
  • Select ‘Workshop/schedule selection’ ->
  • Check that the date and time is correct ->
  • If necessary, execute the Find/Replace option (e.g. if you have entered the workshops in your excel file using digits ->
  • Then check if you consistently use the same ‘separated by symbol’ (e.g. comma or double etc) or select ‘No separator’ for this option.

10. Click Preview Import

Stap 5 Preview and finalize import

The following field appears

Click ‘View all participants’ if you want to check the imported list.
Is everything correct? Then click Import

Update participant excel

Have new participants joined or canceled? Then upload the modified list of participants.

Icon Programme Go to Participants -> Tab Import

Tab import


  1. Upload the new excel file by dragging and dropping it or click Select file.
  2. Follow steps 2, 3 and 4. When there are no changes in the settings you can click Next here
  3. At Step 5 you can import the changed data in the correct way.
    For starters, choose from the following 2 options:

    Add Participants New participants in the excel will be added, changed participants will be updated, no participants will be deleted.
    Replace all data New participants will be added, changed participants will be updated and deleted from the excel.


Add participants

  • New registration entries Here you can find the participants that have been newly added to the participants list.

a. Click to see the changed participants.
b. Indicate per participant (or all at once) whether the information should indeed be updated Update r whether it should remain unchanged Don’t Update

  • Replaced entries These are all participants that were already on your list, changed or unchanged.

a. Click View all … participants when you want to check all the participants.
b. Indicate per participant (or all at once Replace all…)whether the data can indeed be replaced. Unchanged excel data, will remain the same. Changed dates will be changed.

Note: If email addresses have changed, these participants will be considered as new participants if the participants do not have a unique id in the excel. Inactive participants will be sent a new code. Active participants can, if necessary, be linked again via Match up duplicates (Participants -> Tab Participants).

Replace all data

See above for the options New registration entries and Replaced entries

  • Deleted, that already have a matching active user These are the participants who have been removed from the participants list but are already registered users of the app.

a. Click to see which participants it concerns.
b. Indicate per participant (or all at once) whether the information should be retained or whether the information can indeed be deleted:
Delete registration data when the participant needs to remain active in the app, but imported data needs to be deleted.
Disconnect user when the participant needs to be removed from the app.


  • Inactive entries deleted These are the participants who have been removed from the participants list and have not yet registered for the app.

a. Click to see which participants it concerns.
b. Indicate per participant (or all at once) whether the information should be retained or whether the information can indeed be deleted:

11. Click Import


Import: How can I enrich the profiles of my participants via excel import?

First of all you check if your excel file is Networkapp proof

  • Have you added extra columns in your excel spreadsheet with additional data about your participants? Column header could be: sector, branches, interests, expertise. Decide about what your participants could do with this information or what output you need at the end as an organisation.
  • Make sure you separate multiple values in a cell with a uniform value ( ; , )
  • If you want to upload the personal workshop choices of your participants, make sure that you add an excel column per sessionround. You can add the time frame later on in step 4.
  • Go to partipants and import your excel.

Step 1:
Import the excel.
Make sure to at least include first name, lastname and personal e-mail address.

Step 2:
Identify the header rows, so the data can be processed properly.
Choose ‘Ignore’ in the dropdown menu foor the rows that do not contain relevant inofrmation.

Step 3:
On your right you can see all the columns from your import file. Drag the columns you want to the designated fields on the left side. You can leacve columns you don’t use on the roght side. After positioning the columns you can change the column titles on the left. This is what the particpants will see in their profiles. You can define the purpose of these columns in step 4

Step 4:
There is a checkbox on the left side for the column you added. Choose how the data will show at the profile of the participant in the app.

When you choose text the information will be shown as tekst. Other participants can search via the search engine in the app. When you choose category it will be shown as a filter option. Make sure you add multiple choice values in the excel which are uniform otherwise the list will be endless.
You can also choose workshop and fill in the date and the begin and endtime of the particular workshop round. On the right side select means of seperation (; of , ) if their are multiple values in one cell (e.g. Marketing;Logistics)

You are ready to import the list now. You can easily change this list when it doesn’t fullfill your wishes. Check how the data occurs in Networkapp.

Profile Fields: How can I enrich the profiles of my participants via in-app profile questions?

Figure out which additional information about the participants is relevant for other participants and your organisation. Think about the strategic goals of your event and determine in what way the participants can or should be connected to eachother.
For example a multiple choice in sectors, interests, expertise, regions, type of business, role of the participants… You can choose how you showcase this in the personal profile at the participantlist. Only as text or as a filter category.

1. Go to Participants -> Choose Profile fields -> Click the configure button.

Button label: Name of the button which shows at the home eventscreen
Introduction Text: Tell your participants why you are going to ask these questions. If you leave this empty, we will directly skip to the first question
Confirmation Text: You can add a thank you note. This is shown to the user after answering the questions
Header Image: You can add a banner/header above the introduction text on the overview screen.
Button visibility: before you add the profile questions. The best way is to choose the never visible option. After you have completed the questions you can change the visibility. So that you don’t have to change all individual questions to “visible”

2. Go to participants -> Choose Profile fields -> Click Add Question

Column name: Column name in exports, API connectors, etc. This needs to be unique within this event/community and is not shown to users.
Question: The question as showed to the participants in the app
Short explanation: You can add a short explantion tot the question. This is shown in a smaller font below the question
Category: you can ignore this checkbox
Header Image: you can add a specific header tot his question. This is shown above the question
Position: Questions in the app are sorted by this number
Question Visible: determines is the question is visible in the app. If you have chosen “never visible” in the configure settings you can choose visible. When you are finished wit hall the questions you can make them visible at onze via de the configuration settings.
Required before entering: User is required to enter this before the event/community can be accessed
On registration form: If you use a Networkapp generated registration form, this field will be part of it
Allow change Display Options: determines if a participant may allow to change.
Visible on profile: Show the answer on the individual user profile page (visible to other users)
Show as Filter category: Show this question as one of the filter options on the ‘filter’ screen
Filter Category Title: (Optional) Use this category title instead of the question itself.
Show results on narrowcasting: You can ignore this button.

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