Start building an event (from community)

Overview Go to Overview in your community

  1. Click +Add event
  2. Name your event and give it a date -> Click op CreateCommunity add event
  3. Upload an event icon (for example a company logo)
  4. Upload a header, this will be visible at the top of your event app home screen
  5. Fill in RGB colourcodes; 2 primary colours to customise your event layout (company logo colours)

You can always go back and change this

-> Click Continue



copy or delete an event from my community

Go to Overview in your community, click the event.

  1. Scroll down in event -> Roadmap.
    If you like to copy the event click Duplicate event
    If you like to delete the event, click Delete
  2. When you are copying an event, change the name and date if needed
  3. Click Duplicate


Copy (part of) a programme to new event in my community

It is possible to copy a programme from an old to a new event. This works as follows:

1. First create the new event (copy an existing event (see help article How to copy or delete an event).

2. In the original event, go to Schedule -> Schedule tab.

3. Click on the check mark in the top left-hand corner of the table, all items will now be ticked.

4. Choose ‘copy to event’ from the menu in the orange bar at the bottom of the page.

5. Select the new event and click ‘Go’.

The programme with accompanying speakers is now copied to the other event.

Invite colleagues to check the app before going live

Before you go live with the event or community to all participants, you can ask a number of people check the app with you en test networking features.

Individual Invites

Inviting colleagues individually to take a look at the app works as follows:

Icon invitation Go to Invitations -> tab Send Invites

  1. Select ‘Individual’ at Step 1 Send Invites
  2. Fill in.
  3. Continue to Step 3 Customize Message
  4. Fill in the right reply email address in case it’s not already filled in
  5. Check the standard text and customise where needed.
    Please note: Data between accolades {{text}} are not to be changed because of automatic personalisation
  6. Select check box Save changes to template if you want to save the email for later use.

Click Create Invite. The person in question will now receive an email with download instruction and event code for the app.

Build your event app demo in less than 15 minutes and try it out with your team.




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