The Shortcut

The Shortcut is a short “walk” that takes you through all the basic parts of the app in 15 minutes.
When you have started the Shortcut in trial mode, tips and suggestions will be set accordingly.


At the top of your dashboard you will find tips, the most appropriate one will be shown first. The tips change according to the actions that are taken.
You can also scroll through the tips yourself using the arrows and see which step you want to take first.

When you click on Activate your trial code a pop-up screen appears with the download instruction and code of your event.
Complete these steps and the tip will change into a new one. This way you can easily go through a number of steps to create a setup of your event.

The path

Below the tips you can see which road you are on. You can always choose a different road here.


You will find an overview of all the steps to follow in the Shortcut.

Steps that have been taken will be coloured green and ticked.
Grey coloured steps with a plus sign in front are still to be taken.

Click on one of these steps, preferably the next one. For example What is your event about?
You will now be linked to the section Event Content
-> Tab Info

For all these steps you will be linked through to the relevant menu item.

Continue on Roadmap

This way you can go through all the steps in the Shortcut. If you want more, you can choose f.i. the Middle Road or follow the menu items on the left side at your own preference and pace.
If you are convinced, click on Order now at the top right and place your order.
To return to the Roadmap overview page click on the icon Your Roadmap at the top left of the menu: