Roadmap Event set-up

Welcome to the new dashboard!

The menu structure of the dashboard now consists of a logical clustering of features, which fit in your current timeline or topic.

At Roadmap you’ll find an overview of steps you can take to create an efficient app and use it optimally at your event.
With each step in the process, you will also be presented with a tip. You can follow it up or save it for later.

Determine the route you want to take:

  • Choose the Shortcut if you want to put something together quickly, for example to be able to show it to your client.
    Short cut
  • Choose the Middle Road if you want to get a good overview of all the possibilities the app has to offer.
    Middle Road
  • If you want to get going an get everything ready, go for the Full Journey.
    Full Journey

Depending on the path you choose to take, you can follow the steps indicated below or go through the dashboad on your own pace.

When you have completed a step, a check mark will appear in front of it
So you can always go back to see if there is a feature you can set up.

We explain the most extensive steps (Full Journey):

Get Organised
Get everything in place

Invite co-workers to build your app
Determine the kind of help you need and expect from colleagues. Assemble a team to work together on the app and share the workload.

Check and upgrade your products
You don’t have to order right away. But when you do, you’ll find your product overview here and you can upgrade your plan at any time.

Event content
Share your event story

Present this event in community agenda
Determine the value of the event for the community and present it in the community agenda.

Customise your style
Customise the layout of your event app in terms of colors, headers, and icon

Preview the app on your device
Download and view the app on your own device. Check out what your created so far.

What is your event about?
Fill in the essential details of your event. What’s it called, when does it take place, what’s it about? etc.

Share your social media channels
Share your social media channels for exra event related coverage.

Build your exhibitor list and upload a floor plan
Enter an exhibitor/sponsor/partnership list, including logos, detail page, url.

Present representatives in the exhibitor list (Pro)
Link sponsor representatives to the exhibitor list for efficient visibility and more exposure.

Set up a logo caroussel (Advanced)
Create a logo carousel with the logos of your sponsors or partners.

Create exclusive banners, directories and listings (Advanced)
Create buttons and/or banners on the home screen of the app. Share specific information with your participants this way, or give sponsors more exposure.

Abstracts and faculty (Advanced)
Find out how to upload all your abstracts and faculty, posters and other information in the app and link it to the relevant programme items.

Tag your listings to create an easy search engine (Advanced)
Provide filter tags to facilitate the search for specific items of interest.

Programme book
Define the outlines of your programme

Choose programme items
Enter the program of your event.

Determine seating capacity
Enter the maximum number of seats per session.

Link speakers
Link the speakers to programme items. Complete speaker profiles as desired.

Upload a clear map of the venue
Upload a map of the event location and/or an exhibitors floor plan.

Determine meeting points
Add in meeting points to facilitate real life meetings between your participants.

Participant database
Who will attend the event?

Import registrations
Import an excel participants list or use automated import with your registration tool to import participants.
Upload the latest list of participants when needed.

Add extra profile fields
Pose questionsin the app to enrich participant profiles. They can then find each other in a more targeted way using the Q&A as filters in the participants list..

Set up push notifications
Set up news items and push notifications that are already known before hand. Send out news items real time whenever needed.

Set up networking features
Facilitate easy networking

Add and keep track of quests
Post the first quest as a host to lower the threshold for your guests. Keep track of posts and responses, if necessary steer towards responses by sending push notifications about posts.

Manage speed dates with guests and experts
Arrange meetings between participants and experts or maintain an overview of speed dating sessions, scheduled speed dates and meeting points.

Facilitate real life meetings
Oversee appointments made, initiate meetings between participants.

Launch your app
Get ready to go live

Write a welcome text
Write a welcome text, visible when participants first log in to your event app. Indicate what the possibilities are regarding the use of the app, why it is used and what is expected from the app user.

Create or customise an invitation email template
Set up email templates for different stages of your onboarding process. This way you can easily send a large group of participants the same customised email at the same time.

Determine if your want to issue a personal or shared code
Issue a personal code to ensure safest access to the app, as the code can only be used once. Shared codes are practical foor the day of the event to hand out to those who lost their personal code.

Send test invites to a small group
Before you go live, test or show the app to colleagues, clients or a selected group.

Invite your participants
When you are ready and pleased with your app send participants an invitation and download instructions from the dashboard.

Engage your participants
Interact with your audience

Set up in-app polls
Create in-app polls to check the mood of your guests. Or to quickly ask for opinions on a particular topic. Take a look at the many possibilities of polls.

Create live voting sessions
Offer live voting sessions to promote interaction. Or to choose an award winner. Discover all the possibilities that live voting sessions can offer.

Show them what’s happening
Present the networking interaction that takes place at your event on a big screen at your event (Narrowcasting). Who is the most active networker, what connections have been made, twitter feed and many other possibilities.

Arrange your evaluation form
How did your guests experience the event? What were the highlights, what improvements could you make regarding next year’s event? Which topics did they find interesting or not? Ask your guests by means of an evaluation form.

Check your results
Inspect and secure your event data

Check out event reports
Take a look at the interactions that took place at your event. Download reports for your administration or to present to your client.

Who is your most engaging participant
Check out your top networking particpants in this overview over app activity per user.