Import: How can I enrich the profiles of my participants via excel import?

First of all you check if your excel file is Networkapp proof

  • Have you added extra columns in your excel spreadsheet with additional data about your participants? Column header could be: sector, branches, interests, expertise. Decide about what your participants could do with this information or what output you need at the end as an organisation.
  • Make sure you separate multiple values in a cell with a uniform value ( ; , )
  • If you want to upload the personal workshop choices of your participants, make sure that you add an excel column per sessionround. You can add the time frame later on in step 4.
  • Go to partipants and import your excel.

Step 1:
Import the excel.
Make sure to at least include first name, lastname and personal e-mail address.

Step 2:
Identify the header rows, so the data can be processed properly.
Choose ‘Ignore’ in the dropdown menu foor the rows that do not contain relevant inofrmation.

Step 3:
On your right you can see all the columns from your import file. Drag the columns you want to the designated fields on the left side. You can leacve columns you don’t use on the roght side. After positioning the columns you can change the column titles on the left. This is what the particpants will see in their profiles. You can define the purpose of these columns in step 4

Step 4:
There is a checkbox on the left side for the column you added. Choose how the data will show at the profile of the participant in the app.

When you choose text the information will be shown as tekst. Other participants can search via the search engine in the app. When you choose category it will be shown as a filter option. Make sure you add multiple choice values in the excel which are uniform otherwise the list will be endless.
You can also choose workshop and fill in the date and the begin and endtime of the particular workshop round. On the right side select means of seperation (; of , ) if their are multiple values in one cell (e.g. Marketing;Logistics)

You are ready to import the list now. You can easily change this list when it doesn’t fullfill your wishes. Check how the data occurs in Networkapp.