Posting requests, questions and answers

The posting function allows you to ask questions (anonymously) or start a discussion on a new topic, making it easy to get in touch with others in the community. You’ll be surprised by the expertise within the network. This is how the most valuable connections are set up.

Sharing posts on Twitter

To add a little extra dynamic, posts can be shared on Twitter (#event). Use the Twitterfountain to show event Tweets up on the big screen during the event (Plus Module Narrowcasting)

One-on-one chatting

Are you an active member within Networkapp? Then it’s easy to approach other members through the chat function. Want to reach someone who’s not active on the app? No problem. Just send them a short message. They’ll receive an email with a chat invite (email address will not be visible)

Planning (group) meetings

Participants can schedule meetings with anyone on the participant list at one of the event’s meeting points. They can plan a one-on-one meeting or plan a meeting with a group of people who have already been in touch. The meeting automatically shows up in the participants’ schedule.

Finding participants

Finding other participants is easy. You can use keywords or any of the existing search categories to find participants on the list. Improving participant’s visibility and making it easier to find the expertise you need for a chat or meeting.

Plus Module Narrowcasting

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