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Manage your private community in a personal environment where members feel safe, connected and inspired. Facilitate meetings, organise events, optimise cooperation and provide 24/7 access to each other’s network and knowledge.

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The benefits of a community platform

Network in your pocket

Networkapp is both an online platform and a mobile app. With one account, members can effortlessly switch from the online version to the app on their phones. This way, members always have the network at hand.

Plug and play

With Networkapp, kick-starting your community is easy. The platform is ready for you, and you can get started right away. Based on your visual material and your wishes, Networkapp sets up the basis for you, and from that moment on you can manage your community. With a 24/7 helpdesk for questions and tips.

Innovation as key focus

A good community consists of the following elements: inspiration (having a common goal), trust, interaction and authenticity. At Networkapp, innovation is the overarching aim. Members build on innovative knowledge and better products with short lines of communication. Vice versa, the services of Networkapp continuously innovate to meet the demand of community managers. The result is a personalised network and engaged members.

Engagement through interaction

Commitment means that members are intrinsically motivated to communicate. In a shared mission, it is relevant to listen to each other’s opinions and needs. In the app, you can target your question via polls and questionnaires: handy tools to gather input for meetings or to determine the course for the future.

The perfect mix

Combine your online community with real events; live or online. Use the platform as a mix-and-match system to which you attach various meetings: the transition from an online to a live event is quickly made and within the community, you can easily switch to a virtual living room or networking carousel.

Combining knowledge and expertise

Within a closed community, members dare to share more with each other than they do when using social media or other forums. Reliable knowledge is readily available. So it is the right time to use communities and bundle expertise to achieve business goals. With the help of a search engine, a playful matchmaker and an open forum, the right people and knowledge are connected.

Unique features for optimal interaction


Through the sharing feature, you can send push notifications to targeted audiences: general news, calendar appointments and upcoming events. Members can sign up directly from the community. Try it out with the event platform demo. eventplatformdemo.


The involve feature playfully conducts field research. Via a poll, you can ask members what they are curious about and what you can do for them. The results are shown immediately, so members can be inspired by each other’s wishes.


The segmenting feature cuts the community into areas of interest. The search engine is set up based on profile questions. So that members can find each other more easily and you can inform them of relevant events per region or domain and the content they are looking for.


Through connect, members and their knowledge come together in the networking forum. In this environment, you can easily ask questions and share photos and videos. Separate discussion groups can be followed per theme, location or region. Is there a connection? Then users can easily plan an appointment or virtual meeting. Check out the possibilities here.

Organize next level events

Organize an online, hybrid, live or even a stretched event? Because of the smart technology behind Networkapp, you can start setting up your desired platform without waiting. You can switch to a hybrid event and vice versa in the blink of an eye. By using our features you can take your event to the next level.

Create an event

Networkapp at your event

Let the right people find each other and relevant knowledge quickly and easily at events. Enable networking between all participants with the various contact and networking possibilities in the Networkapp event platform. Create an experience that results in invaluable connections and unexpected connections.

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How it works with Networkapp

Let the right people engage with each other and find relevant knowledge quickly and easily at live, hybrid and online events. Facilitate networking between exhibitors and participants and among visitors with the various contact and networking opportunities in the Networkapp event platform. This way, valuable engagements and unexpected connections are made. Curious for more?

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