Integrating registration system ensures a warm welcome at Building G100

Modified at: 21-04-2020

Building G100 is the independent end-user platform for individuals engaged in the management, maintenance and servicing of building automation and management systems. Its strength lies in the fact that they are like-minded and want to share knowledge and learn from each other.  The bi-annual big Building G100 event took place on 3 October 2019. The event about building automation and management systems for and by end users. In order to give the event a personal and familiar character, the connection between Networkapp and registrationpartner was used efficiently.


Building G100 is a large community with inquisitive members, run by the charismatic Martijn Beckers who values personality and a smooth collaboration. But how do you maintain these core values at a large and multi-faceted event?

Building G100 wanted to achieve the following with the help of the event app:

  • A flawless registration process that gives guests a warm welcome. Where no time needs to be wasted on digital worries or long queues.
  • A relaxed and professional atmosphere within the huge program and the many visitors.
  • Increasing interaction and collaboration between guests, but also between suppliers and end users.

And all this while retaining a personal touch.

Solution to a personal event

Building G100 already makes full use of the Networkapp community app. With the community app the information flow to members is arranged. In addition, the app facilitates a safe environment for members to find each other and maintain contact.

“With the app we take our platform to a higher level in a safe environment,” says Martijn.

As community owner Martijn had the possibility to use the complete event Pro Plan for the Building G100 Event.

Automated connection registration technology

By using our automatic connection to the Event registration system, all registrations, including participant profile information, were quickly and easily transferred to the app. By also using the QR code, guests didn’t have to wait long at the on-site registration desk. Martijn’s family and friends gave guests a warm welcome upon entry.

Any onboarding issues, if there were any, were taken care of by our own Customer Care Manager, Iris, who was also present on location.

Clear programme

In a programme that consists of 175+ presentations, it can be difficult to find the most interesting presentations. Guests of the Building G100 event were assured of a clear programme overview by organising several session rounds and putting together a personal programme. Moreover, all speakers were clearly accessible with photo, name and job title through the speakers list.

This way, visitors explored the event in a relaxed way, with the goal of professional development, without wondering if they would miss something important.

Dynamic Floorplan

Next to the fact that the event location and exhibition floor could be explored carefree, the interaction between supplier and end user was further facilitated by the use of the dynamic floor plan. This made it easy to find suppliers. It allowed guests to make targeted visits to partners that were of interest to them.

Living room sessions building g100


Beside the excellent personal commitment of Martijn Beckers, the app contributed to the relaxed atmosphere of the event.

Due to the connection with the registration partner, the 350+ event registrations were smoothly transferred to the app, making it accessible to everyone.

During the event, the app facilitated the connection of 98 participants via chat and another 55 participants via other network features. Participants look back on a successful event!

In prospect

“Networkapp adds value to the Building G100. It increases the involvement of members and event visitors and thus the interaction between like-minded colleagues as well as suppliers and partners” 

Martijn Beckers, founder and director van Building G100

Apart from the continuation of the community app, the event app will be used for Building G100 2021. Team Networkapp shares the core values of Building G100, keeping the smooth collaboration tight. Building G100 members experience optimal use of the app and commitment between them remains strong.

"Networkapp adds value to the Building G100. It increases the involvement of members and event visitors and thus the interaction between like-minded colleagues as well as suppliers and partners"

Martijn Beckers, Building G100 & CREME Nederland