Sharing knowledge on a speed date

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Margriet de Groot - Modified at: 21-04-2020
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Would you like your guests go home with answers to their questions? With the feeling they took full advantage of all expertise present at the event? Or does that sound like wishful thinking?
Make it with Networkapp! We offer you knowledge sharing through speed dating.

As an event manager you want your participants share and gain knowledge. So you have booked experts, now you only have to match them. Likewise give them a good platform for sharing their knowledge. Easier said than done.
Well it ís easier as well as faster with our speed date module.

Present your experts and their expertise in the app. Then let your guests decide which experts they would like to see and subsequently schedule an appointment in advance. With the smart agenda tool and a clear overview of availability, appointments are ready made. Absolutely makes networking easy and event visits effective. Also we’ll be happy to advise you on optimal use of expert speed dating and other modules.

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