Small Event, Big Impact

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Margriet de Groot - Published at: 14-05-2020
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A nice entrance, kind hosts at the reception, a welcoming arrival with a cup of coffee and some sweets. A chat with old acquaintances and a friendly introduction to other guests. Then the congress can start. Ready for the first presentation. That’s the great thing about a well-organised live event; The mutual meeting and the atmosphere. How different it is when we have to do everything digitally.
I sit at home behind my laptop, thinking: ‘What time was the event again? I’ll just write a quick email. Oh wait, the phone’s ringing. In the meantime I see a reminder email coming in: ‘The webinar starts in 10 minutes…’ So the first session starts, the presenter is present on my screen. I don’t see anyone else. Who else is in the audience? Shall I ask a question? Mmm, better to wait. The webinar is taking a long time. There’s a screen malfunction, isn’t my wifi working properly? Oh, an email… Let’s take a look at that.

Personal meetings

I miss the sense of togetherness. At every congress, at every meeting, there’s always a common denominator. Namely, the shared interest in the subject or the organisation. That makes it logical and pleasant to talk to each other at that congress. And now, meeting each other that way is not possible.

Networking is not only about making contact, but also about deepening and maintaining relationships. Especially within online communities it is important that part of the group has already met in person, whether or not digitally. This creates trust, increases the willingness to share knowledge, and ultimately contributes to a strong network.

The Challenge

Realising this feeling of togetherness online seemed like a nice challenge for Networkapp! How can we help to re-establish mutual contact within a group? How can we connect as many people as possible in a 1.5-meter society in an enjoyable way? And how do you achieve a big impact with a small event?

The Solution

By meeting each other through Networkapp. Are you waiting for a webinar to start? In the app you can now see all the other waiting guests. Discover who else is there and get in touch. No longer anonymously, but together. Fancy a round-table conversation? Or a spontaneous coffee break with a couple of tablemates? Within Networkapp we have added online lounge rooms. You can now talk to each other in a small group in a virtual homely setting; before, during and after an event.

Organiseer je bijeenkomsten? Deze online technologie groeit met je mee en is flexibel in te zetten. Of het nu gaat om een volledig online of hybride event of een community waar je het hele jaar in verbinding wil zijn met je leden. 

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