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Margriet de Groot - Modified at: 06-05-2020
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Improve your event experience

A registration tool improves your event. To help you select the best tool for your event, we have listed some of them. Determine which features are important for you and your visitors. Read more about how to make the best use of the combination between a registration system and Networkapp for your event.

In developing Networkapp and features we have always made participant and the event organiser wishes leading. But we also recognise that some aspects are a craft in their own right. We focus on connecting knowledge and people and making it as easy as possible to network with each other before, during and after the event. In addition, we are a full-fledged event app with which personal and recommended programme and other options can be presented.

Our platform is easy to use and you are always in control together with colleagues. As said before, we don’t do everything. But we use partners to provide the extra services that they are good at. In doing so, we make sure that everything fits together seamlessly to provide you maximum peace of mind. Moreover we can be linked to registration partners of your choice or we can propose a party we have good experience with. In essence linking can be done manually by simple import of updates or by means of an automated connection.

Parties with whom we have a good and pleasant cooperation:

Automated connection:

Manual import:
Summit (including Abstracts handling)

However, is your favorite registration partner not listed? Please let us know.

Service and expertise

A registration system partner can provide various services. That is to say, each partner has its own expertise and is integrated with Networkapp.

  • A modern event website
  • Complete and easy registration
  • Online payment and/or invoicing
  • Analysis of visitor flows
  • QR scanning and badge printing
  • Warm welcome by hostesses

badge printing

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