Key role for eventmanagers solving social crises

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Elma Bassa - Modified at: 30-09-2022
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How can event managers contribute to solutions for social problems and crises?

This week Networkapp hosts 5 events in various domains: travel, food, economy and welfare.

All focus on future innovation, sustainability and growth. While releasing positive energy, these topics remain to be an interesting puzzle for the eventmanagers, our clients and their participants.

These times ask for greater cooperation and combining forces in a variety of social fields that are both local and global; labor shortages, nature conservation, housing shortages, migration, energy management and health care. Challenges that not only stand alone but are also interconnected. Is someone ultimately responsible for finding a solution? And which people and factors influence the frameworks in which the solution can be found?

The answer cannot be given by 1 person or more… The sum of parts is going to make the difference. Simultaneously stimulate people’s brainpower from below and offer them a framework in which they can find out together which way of thinking offers a possible (partial) solution.

By working on this together in small groups during events and within communities, incremental growth and development will be achieved. We do not have to wait for someone or something to initiate a wave movement or change. You and I can already start today. As long as we can bring the right brainpower together at the right time and place. 

Eventmanagers can fulfil a key role in stimulating change. Create an environment where people can meet each other, where ideas arise and collaborations flourish. 

Recharge Earth that took place the 7th and 8th of September in Ahoy Rotterdam is an outstanding example. Participants who are passionate about sustainable energy transition and all working from a different perspective and multiple roles. Another example is The National Growth fund in which the Dutch government invests in projects that contribute to long term sustainable economic growth. These projects make our hearts beat faster.

Crises are often seen as opportunities. This might sound counterintuitive because the word crisis has an association with fear for the unknown and chaos. In Chinese, the second part of the word gives us hope. The chance to start again, a door that opens only if we find the strength to break down the wall of fear, letting go of the familiar routes and being surprised by unheard sounds. Humans are part of nature. Nature renews itself after each fire, earthquake and volcanic eruption. So why can’t we?

Contributing to society is one of our drives. With both our platform and our knowledge on chain innovation and network behavior we collaborate with customers to create impact with their events and communities. 10 years ago this is what prompted us to establish Networkapp. Our main question: How can we make sure that the present knowledge and expertise is utilized to the fullest extent so innovation accelerates? Not from event or ICT knowledge, but from our own experience that we gained when working on chain innovation projects.

Are you organising events with this scope? Or are you a connector? Contact us, we would like to meet you. There’s a lot of work to be done.

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